Free Mini-Marketing Audit With Coach Pamela Hernandez

Stop blaming the algorithm.

Are you having trouble growing your audience and gaining new personal training clients?

If your message doesn't stop the scroll and speak to the clients you want to work with, it doesn't matter if you show up in their feed or search results.

With over a decade of running my own personal training business, I know what it takes to grow a profitable practice. The transformation of my personal training business began when I embraced the power of clarity.

Finding your next best client starts by slowly developing a relationship before they ever contact you or walk into your gym. To do that, you must know exactly who you serve. You must be able to clearly communicate to them what you do and how you do it just a little bit differently.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing and frustated by your lack of results, take advantage of my FREE mini marketing audit. All you have to do is complete the form in the link provided after sign up.

I'll look at your marketing with a fresh set of eyes and do a quick review of what you're doing right now. Then we'll have a 15 minute chat about what I see standing between you and your next client.

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    Hello, I'm Pamela Hernandez. I teach people how to grow their audience and help them transform from side-hustle to full time fitness professional.

    Trust me, paying for FB ads without a clear goal or message is just a waste of your precious dollars. If you're trying to talk to everybody, you're talking to nobody. Let's get started on figuring out exactly who you do want to reach and how you're exactly the person to help them.

    "Whatever you dare to do in your business, Pamela can give you tools, opportunities, and planning strategies to get you running with your goals. With her, your social media skills will be on point." - Maria Savvenas, Ms.Core Core/Pelvic Floor Movement Teacher